Sunday, July 31, 2005

New overnight Jock on Sirius Hits One
He is not really new, but Mikey Piff, who has been on the SH1 morning mess, he did (or voice tracking) the over night shift last week? He has not been added to the sirius web page, but I was told that Sirius has a goal to have a jock on 24/7 on Hits one. Will it be Mr. Piff? .. He is using a little catch phrase.. "It's Mikey Piff on the overnight satellite", How cute... Sirius Hits one had been jock-less overnight for a little under a year now. (he has not been on the air this week)

Martha Quinn Joins Sirius

(listen to Sirius Promo)

One of the 1st Mtv VJ's join the Sirius Big 80's Family. Starting soon, Martha will join some of here old Mtv buddies on Srius 8 "The Big 80's" The darling of MTV, Martha Quinn, was cute, with a girl-next-door look and exploding with enthusiasm. Her warm smile made you feel like she was there to be your best friend. Voted "MTV's Best-Ever VJ" by Rolling Stone readers, she hosted two other programs for MTV, "Martha's Greatest Hits" and "MTV Prime with Martha Quinn," in the late '80s. The most legendary of the "original five" VJ's, bands have used her name to describe their performance, "The Martha Quinn Experience" and "Martha Quinn's Posse" and Allure magazine has referred to the decade of the 80s as "the Martha Quinn years." Martha was the originator of "music news" on MTV.
She was born on 5/11/59 in Albany, New York and studied at Colgate University and New York University and received a BA in Broadcasting. While in college, she hosted three different radio shows and interned at WNBC radio. During her stint as an MTV VJ from 1981 - 1986, she also hosted a rhythm & blues show on WNYR in New York City. After leaving MTV, she appeared in feature films such as, Dangerous Curves (1988), Brady Bunch sequel (1989), Tapeheads (1989), Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1990), Motorama (1991), and Bad Channels (1992), co-hosted Star Search with Ed McMahon and appeared in numerous commercials for Kellogg's, Clearasil, McDonalds and Hallmark, and Neutrogena. In 1999, Martha joined the crew at CBS Early Show to contribute every two weeks for her own segment called, "Yikes, I'm a Grown Up!"She will be on the Sirius Airways soon...

Full Martha Quinn background here

Hey Jack...People are spending less time with you and your FM buddies.
Newsday: Signals of trouble for radio
This is a good read about how Sat radio is making FM go a little crazy..

....people are spending less time listening to traditional radio: about 19 hours and 30 seconds per week, down from 22 hours per week in 1993. "Stations exist in a very crowded marketplace, now more than ever," says Tom Taylor, editor of, an industry Web site. "Consumers have plenty of other places to go.".....
Read more from Newsday

BBC RADIO 1: Starting Soon on Sirius
(Listen to BBC1 Promo)
My sources have told me that Sirius has been having some problems getting BBC Radio 1 Ready to roll. The has been some problems with getting the song info so your display will give you the right info. I have been told it is fixed or is working "good for now". The date I'm hearing is Aug 8th for BBC Radio 1 to hit the air. Look for some PR on this after the Q2 numbers on Tuesday Aug 2nd.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Sirius Satellite Radio To Feature Elvis Week
(Elvis Radio)
The King is back! The annual honoring of Elvis Presley also known as Elvis Week will take place on August 8 through August 16 and will be featured only on Sirius Satellite Radio's Elvis Radio.
Elvis Radio will be broadcast live from Graceland and will feature interviews with special guests such as Joe Esposito, Elvis' road manager for 17 years, producer Jerry Schilling, members of the American Studios House Band, who backed Elvis in Memphis and The Jordanaires, who sang with Elvis up until the 1970's.
Moreover, Elvis Radio will broadcast the 28th Annual Elvis Week Candlelight Vigil ceremony and procession. This special coverage will be on Monday, August 15 at 5:00 p.m. ET.
Sirius' Elvis Radio is the world's only official, authorized all-Elvis, all-the-time radio channel.
Elvis Radio is on Sirius 13.

Sirius Music Weekly...
Sirius has started to promote big time talent on their stations. The new newsletter "Sirius Music Weekly" should be coming to all Sirius subscibers emails. You can also check it out online at
The 1st one was packed full of info, and it is nice to know about speical programs and guest on all the stations. Stuff like this is what makes Sat radio so much better then FM...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

ALL 2005 NFL pre-season games live on Sirius
Starting Saturday, August 6th with the American Bowl (Colts vs. Falcons) at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on ending with Broncos vs. Cardinals game on Friday, September 2nd.
The NFL’s annual Hall-of-Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, featuring the (Dolphins vs. Bears), will air August 8th. SIRIUS will air the game on three channels, Westwood One (Sirius Ch 125), the local Chicago braodcast (Sirius Ch 124) and the Miami-cast (Sirius Ch 123).
Here is the rest week 1 of the pre-season games: (sorry about size it is off a bad fax)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sirius oldies stations getting some new sounds..

(Sirius Gold Jingle)
Sources at Sirius tell me that Cousin Brucie will be on Sirius 6 (60's) Wednesdays and Saturdays nights. Brucie will host a Thursday talk show, no word as of yet on what channel.

Norman N. Nite will Broadcast RocknRoll Hall of Fame Sirius 5 (Gold), changing to Wed- Sun.

Brucie and Norman (both ex-WCBS FM'ers) are not a fan of not having callers and request live on the Air, so I'm told that sirius will let them be able to take LIVE calls on the music show, along with Brucies talk show. Also look for some changes on how both oldies station sound music wise, it looks like Brucie will have input on music programing for the oldies stations.

"Radio Chick" Leslie Gold, Gains Satellite Following
The Associated Press gave the Radio Chick some good PR in this story. REBECCA MILLER, Associated Press Writer, tells us that "The Radiochick Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio frequently invites female guests to strip in the studio and leads such segments as "20 Questions with a Hooker" and "Wheel of Wifebeaters." You can listen to the chick weekdays 10a-2p est on Talk Centeral 148. My source at Sirius tells me that the "Radio Chick" show is growing, and they are looking at marketing her, in the NYC area. Her show when it was on FM had a big following, and many people have pick Sirius, because of Leslie. Sirius knows that there are a good deal of chick fans that have no clue she is on Sirius.. So look for some ads to pop up in the NYC area..

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sirius to announce Q2 results

SIRIUS has scheduled a conference call at 8:00am ET on August 2nd to their Q205 results.
- You can listen in to the conference call online at
- or by tuning to Channel 131 on Sirius...

New sirius gear

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New SIRIUS radio gear for that caught my eye this week -

SIRIUS SR-H550 - a SIRIUS component receiver for your home stereo system.

SIRIUS DBS Combiner/Splitter - this is cool, allows you to mount the SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna on your roof without stringing any additional cable *IF* you have satellite TV already installed on your roof. You hook one end of your existing cable run into the combiner, along with the satellite tv dish and the sirius antenna, then inside your house you use the splitter to break out the signals apart again.

SIRIUS Sportster Boombox

FM Direct Adapter - simplest way to eliminate static in your car

Auxiliary input adapters - even better quality but more difficult to install -
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Audi
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Acura
Auxiliary Input Adapter for BMW
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Cadillac
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Buick
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Chevy / Chevrolet
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Chrysler
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Dodge
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Eagle
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Ford
Auxiliary Input Adapter for GMC
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Honda
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Chrysler
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Dodge
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Jeep
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Land Rover
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Lexus
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Lincoln
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Mazda
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Mercury
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Mini Cooper
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Nissan
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Oldsmobile
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Plymouth
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Pontiac
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Saturn
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Scion
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Scion
Auxiliary Input Adapter for Volkswagon

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